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Avocado Lotion

Avocado Lotion

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 A soothing solution for extra dry skin 

Key ingredients
Melissa flora water, Avocado butter, peach kernel oil
Avocado 30% + Olive15% Solution is a lightweight soothing lotion formulated for dry skin. It reduces the appearance of post-acne marks through the inclusion of ingredients that target the look and feel of both uneven skin tone and texture, while also helping to reduce the appearance of pores, and strengthening skin barrier.

This formulation incorporates Melissa flora water for hydration. is a silky and creamy lotion made from moisturizing avocado butter, olive oil and a special blend of essential oils. Avocado butter is rich in vitamins A, D & E for extra nourishment for dry skin; olive oil promotes healthy cell growth;  peach oil is full of vitamin E to help lock in moisture; jojoba oil is high in Vitamin E which helps improve elasticity of your skin while lengthening the time it lasts between applications

Testing Shows
  • Reduces the look of skin redness caused by irritation
  • Reduces the appearance of pores
  • Improves the appearance of uneven skin tone and the feel of uneven skin texture
  • Strengthens and maintains skin barrier function
  • Boosts skin hydration
  • hydrating for eczema


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